Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Talking Vegas 06-08-2016 - Haunted Vegas with Robert George Allen

Entertainer and ghost hunter
Robert George Allen.
Spooks and spirits, ghosts and other unexplained phenomena—every city has its stories to tell and Las Vegas is no different. As Robert George Allen, my guest today, will tell you, the big difference is most of Las Vegas’s ghosts are famous. Whether they’re celebrities said to haunt the homes and hotels they used to frequent, or even the occasional mobster who met an untimely end, these tales have worked their way into Las Vegas history and lore. Are they true? Maybe. Maybe not. But one way to decide for yourself is to accompany Robert on one of his Haunted Vegas Tours that depart five nights a week from the Royal Resort on Convention Center Drive. They promise—and I’m quoting here—a guided paranormal investigation of Las Vegas' most haunted locations.

Robert’s story isn’t just about delving into the supernatural, though. He’s a longtime singer, musician and comedian who has spent over 30 years in show business, a good deal of that time performing on the Las Vegas Strip. He’s got plenty of stories to tell about what goes on behind the scenes in the world of Vegas entertainment and he’s going to share a few of those stories with us today. Please welcome to the show, Robert George Allen. We’re talking Vegas.


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By Tim Callaway

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