Friday, June 10, 2016

Talking Vegas 06-10-2016 - The Neon Museum

The Stardust sign at the Neon Museum.
At the north end of Las Vegas Boulevard lies the resting place for a few hundred neon signs that over the decades have graced all manner of hotels, casinos and businesses in Las Vegas. Dubbed the Boneyard, this two-acre lot has evolved into what we now call the Neon Museum. To tour the Boneyard is to take a step back into Las Vegas history because every twist of neon tubing evokes an era and every sign has its own story to tell.

I was at the Neon Museum recently to see those famous signs and hear some of those stories. I spent time with Dawn Merritt, the Neon Museum’s public relations and marketing director. Afterwards, I ventured out into the Boneyard with the Museum’s collections manager and historian, Maggie Zakri. Please welcome Dawn and Maggie to the show. We’re Talking Vegas.

An old Golden Nugget sign at the Neon Museum.


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By Tim Callaway

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